Reddit Co-Founder Criticizes SOPA on Bloomberg TV [Video]

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian spoke with Bloomberg about his criticism of the creative industries’ SOPA bill and how it will affect small start-up businesses.  He explained that SOPA, which proposes to have the ability to shut down a site if it has private content, would have choked Reddit and other new technology sites before they had a chance to grow.  He explains that the onus should be on the creative industries to come up with a solution to monetize and protect their content.

Reddit is up in arms about SOPA themselves, and have taken steps to try and prevent the bill from going through. Most famously they led a GoDaddy boycott which asked Redditors to move away from GoDaddy because it was supporting the bill.  Another member who works in television explained that the best way to get people to make a difference was to flood television newsrooms with noise.

You can see the video here as we can not embed it.  You can also see a Reddit post with Alexis Ohanian speaking about his performance on the show itself here.