Redbook Magazine’s April Issue Is Giving It All Away

Redbook is celebrating April by not only focusing on the best things in life that happen to be free, but also by giving away a lot of nearly-the-best things in life for free – over 350,000 dollars’ worth of free items, cash prizes and trips, to be exact.

The mag’s editors got the idea for the issue after their readers wrote in with their suggestions for the best, recession-proof things in life, like family, community, friends, etc. Why then, they decided, should we not reward these readers with things that are Usually Not Free?

Nearly every page of the April issue will contain giveaways, ranging from the helpful (gym memberships!) and the practical (free washer and dryer!) to the superfluous and amazing (a diamond necklace!), in addition to cosmetics, DVDs, vacations and cash.

Giveaways will even be integrated into some of the columns, and helpful arrows throughout the magazine will point out free items.

Editor in chief Stacy Morrison explains the inspiration for the issue:

In the last months, Redbook has received so many emails and letters from readers telling us how they’re reconnecting with friends and family in creative ways, all without spending a dime. We’ve all learned that no-cost pleasures, such as friendship, love and memories are priceless treasures that we can rely on, in any kind of economic weather. In return, we decided to give our readers a little something special — a fabulous spring pick-me-up. The April issue is jam-packed with great giveaways on almost every page, plus free advice from our fantastic experts and $250,000 cash. Because while no-cost pleasures enrich our lives, free stuff is an awful lot of fun.

Readers can apply for a chance at winning giveaway items online or by mail once the April issue of Redbook hits newsstands on March 23rd.