Red, White & Working Blue: Jon Stewart ‘Air Skullf*cks’ Hitler

We’re avid watchers of the Daily Show and South Park, though it’s a rare night when any joke on the former shocks us like they do regularly on the latter.

Monday night’s Daily Show, however, was one of those rare nights. During a fairly standard bit about a Congressional hearing on the war in Iraq — during which Texas Congressman Lou Gohmert asserted “we would be here speaking Japanese or German” had the U.S. pulled out of those wars prematurely — Jon Stewart imitated a Gohmert skullf*cking — yes, that — Hitler with “his girl Eva watchin.'”

We can’t be entirely sure, but we’ll go out on a limb here and say that it’s the first time in television history someone has “air skullf*cked” Hitler.

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