Red Riding Hood Release To Include Film, Print And Enhanced eBook

Little, Brown Books is publishing a new thriller novel based on a film adaptation of the classic fairy tale character Little Red Riding Hood. The book, written by debut author Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, is based on the film version of the story by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke called Red Riding Hood. The release includes a print book and an enhanced eBook, which are being released as promotional vehicles in advance of the film’s release. The books come out on January 25th and the film comes out March 11th.

The enhanced eBook features exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the film. This includes a video with Catherine Hardwicke, Sarah Blakley-Cartwright and screenwriter David Leslie Johnson; a video of Sarah Blakley-Cartwright discussing her writing process; audio of Catherine Hardwicke reading her introduction; as well as blueprints from the set and an audio discussion about the set design and architecture.

The final chapter of the novel will be released on March 11th to coincide with the film’s release. In addition, a bonus chapter will be available for download on March 14, 2011 at 9am ET at

The eBook will be available in the iBookstore, as well as in the Kindle store. Readers who purchase the book in the Kindle store can only see the enhanced content by accessing the content through a Kindle app on an iPhone or an iPad.