Last Year’s YouTube Star is This Year’s Frozen Yogurt Flavor

Thanks to the bendy wonders of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare and other social media, the world of product PR is more elastic than ever. The latest proof comes courtesy of Red Mango, the frozen yogurt and smoothies chain launched five years ago in LA.

Chief concept officer Dan Kim this week officially confirmed the launch of new yogurt flavor “Honey Badger,” named after the creature made famous last year on YouTube with narration by Randall. And to up the elastic ante, Red Mango alerted customers exclusively via social media.

“We wanted to show the true power and influence of our social media audience by speaking directly to them with our brand new flavor, and letting them decide where to take the message,” said Kim. “The reaction has been huge and, once again, it shows the reach that consumers have to share the love.”

The campaign is working wonders on the media front as well. A little earlier today, news of the rockin’ Randall flavor made the pages of the New York Daily News.