RED Debuts New ‘Scarlet-X’ Camera–Gets Cyber-Attacked

SoCal digital camera company RED debuted its newest creation last night–the Scarlet-X. The Scarlet-X is a new professional digital camera that can shoot both still and 4-k motion images–which is basically film quality resolution. The camera retails for around $10,000, which is a fraction of what it costs to even rent a film camera these days. This Fishie wrote about RED and its emergence as a Hollywood power player a few months ago in the LA Times Magazine.

About 300 people showed up to the old Ren Mar Studio in Hollywood–now RED Studios–to check out the launch of the camera and to be among the first to purchase it online. Interestingly, just as RED opened the online floodgates at the party to allow sales of the Scarlet-X, they were hit with a cyber-attack.

RED founder Jim Jannard explains what happened.

Apparently there was a cyber attack on reduser (and when I began posting just before 6pm PST. There was plenty of bandwidth to handle the traffic… but the system locked up. Jarred is investigating.

So I went back into Stage 6 and asked the 300 there to help us get the message out. Out popped the iPhones and iPads. And the twittering began.

A good message is hard to stop. And the Scarlet message is a good one.

It actually was a great experience. Like ants getting to the honey, if one way doesn’t work… you keep trying different ways until you succeed.

We had another attack at 2:45am. Jarred figured out a work around.

I guess we are striking a nerve with someone. Good for us. No matter what happens we will find a way. That is RED.

FishbowlLA was supposed to check out the party, but got cyber attacked by a barrage of emails we needed to answer. Stupid Internet, always ruining everyone’s good time…except for the whole free porn thing…Wow, look at us digressing again.