Red Bull, Go-Go Dancers, D.C. Photog

Note to readers: Some fluky thing happened and the item disappeared earlier so here’s a re-posted version. And no, to answer a reader’s question, the Austrian mafia did not come after us.

An Austrian newspaper in Vienna (along the lines of NYT, Latina Styles, the Dupont Circle Current and Hustler) deemed a Red Bull party at the Austrian Embassy last week worthy of its coverage, complete with Go-Go dancers.  D.C. photog Pat Ryan captured images of the beauties. Check out the item on his site here. Enjoy a snapshot of the Vienna publication below that features one of Ryan’s racy shots.

Praise Google Translator for helping us understand what the Vienna paper is getting at with its story: “The hustle and bustle of the Austrian Embassy in Washington last week (“Today” reported exclusively) Lost in the Heimi-Indignation over “Go-Go Event” massive between politicians from criticism. “The event-processing transports …a jensei-transparent and tasteless image of women and is a message not würdig” reacts Gruner-woman case-spokeswoman Judith Schwentner indignant. And Frauenministe-rin Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek (SPO) provides for block-recommendation by the Austrian ambassador and asks österrei-Secretary-legger lockers now a conversation”