Recycable Zuvo Filters Water According to Your Municipality’s Contaminants

Zuvo Water does more than just help you maintain hydration with cleaner, pure H2O –  Zuvo is a custom water filter app that collects data from water municipalities from across the country. While most Americans are oblivious to the condition of the world’s inadequate water supply, the app taps into potentially admirable aspirations as it collects water data and donates its stainless steel bottle profits to the Hippo Roller Project.

The app also helps you to maintain hydration as it calculates your daily intake of water (unless you’ve been buying bottles away from home). Zuvo is more than a water drinking app, the location-specific filtration device is a self-cleaning and recyclable product:

What makes it unique is that it goes beyond simple carbon filtration, by combining ultraviolet light (UV), ozone, and a carbon filter in a patented five-step process. Zuvo recreates nature’s way of cleansing water. The ozone/UV combination is not only effective at killing bacteria; the two-pass setup also prevents bacterial film from growing on the filter and contaminating the water. It is the only filter system in the world that is self cleaning. Simple pitcher and faucet filters can’t do this!

The combination of Wi-Fi communication built into the Zuvo system and a Cloud-connected app deliver to your smartphone a host of important information about your water such as the remaining life of the filter, the reduction of contaminants in water based on local water quality, and the daily rate of water consumption in your household.