Recruiting Beyond Resumes

With so many ways to find out about applicants these days, the questions arises: Will resumes be obsolete soon? Ere.Net takes a closer look at systems that let you get to know applicants beyond just their resumes.

ResumeFinder you can get a list of online profiles at a click of a button. You can then put the links into an email or a document and send them off. Here are the results:

There are, of course, other online products and utilities that can do similar things, and they are all better and faster than “just” Googling. There are companies that create complex sourcing solutions like Broadlook; companies that help automate web sourcing for those of us who do not care about Boolean syntax like Autosearch; sites like socialmention that help collect this info.

The next question, after viewing all the possibilities of searching a candidate online, becomes: Is this ethical? This really needs to be answered by each individual recruiter and HR department.