Recruiters, Save Your Jobs: How To Demo An ATS

This sounds like a joke! But Michael Glenn blogging at is dead serious: in this slow time, recruiters need to make sure their employers understand their value.

“Time to test drive some Applicant Tracking Systems, my little brown nosers!

Go ahead and call that 1-800 number. Sign up for the demo and afterwards toot your horn. Type it up in a document and then email to all the managers.”

But, Glenn says, if you go about it the wrong way, you’ll just end up wasting your time, not making you look better.
His tips:

  • Don’t Waste Your Time. (“The sales guy will keep you on the phone for an entire day..”)
  • Pay Attention
  • Go Easy on the Questions (“The first time you peek into an ATS, you are just peeking. You are not doing in-depth research, so keep the questions to a minimum. Save them for later if you decide to revisit.”)
  • Don’t Attack it
  • Try a Lot

We say, looking busy is great, but if your company doesn’t have the budget to buy a new ATS, aren’t you just going to end up annoying your bosses?

Your thoughts, below.