Recruiter: “I Think It’s Going To Be Worse Before It’s Better”


We will have our recurring “Clean Up That Resume” feature of hot PR job listings posted later today, but in the meantime we wanted to present you with these thoughts from PR recruiter Lindsay Olson at Paradigm Staffing. Known as “prjobs” on Twitter, Lindsay is a very active recruiter in the space and gives us the lowdown on what she’s been seeing and hearing.

Olson told PRNewser, “I’ve seen a total drop off on the agency side on any hiring, or they are holding off until January. The positions I’ve seen open are Senior Account Executive (SAE) and Account Supervisor (AS) positions, but there is a lot of apprehension moving forward with these hires.” That being said, Graham said, “In house is where I’m seeing a lot more positions open.”

What advice would she give to PR pros currently on the hunt, we asked?

First, Olson reminded PR pros who do have work to not “quit your job right now and look for other work…make sure you’re out there networking and you’re using social networks to your best advantage. You find a lot more of the hidden opportunities through areas like that. If you’re looking, make sure people know they should contact you.”

Second, Olson stressed that the competitive nature of job searches will only increase. “Right now it’s very competitive,” she said. “It’s more about eliminating candidates than saying ‘Oh, I think this person can fit.’ People are being very picky about who they’re hiring and their background and how it fits into that position.”

As far as the future, namely Q1 and Q2 of 2009, Olson said, “I think it’s going to be worse before it’s better. I think come January it’s going to be worse. That’s my feeling.”

In addition to networking Olson said being active in social media is a must for any job hunter. Her own Twitter account “helps hugely” with recruiting. “The past year I’ve been on Twitter, I’m probably getting 50% of my calls from potential candidates that found me there or they have a friend that knows me on Twitter,” she said.

Besides Twitter, Olson said, “My blog also brings in a lot of potential candidates. LinkedIn too. It is the recruiters tool. Any recuiter who isn’t on LinkedIn isn’t a recruiter. Twitter puts a name, a face [to the candidate] it’s more casual. LinkedIn is much more direct, it’s ‘I want to talk to you about this job.'”