Record Labels Optimistic About U.K. Wireless Industry

Record labels are reportedly quite excited about the boom in mobile music services in the UK, according to a MocoNews story. The three major online music services for cell phones in the U.K. are Apple’s iTunes Music Store, Vodafone’s MusicStation, and Nokia’s Music Store.

“Mobile is obviously extremely important because you have the market reach,” IFPI director of technology Richard Gooch said in an interview with The Guardian. “Secondly, the type of demographics that are very important to the music industry will almost certainly have music-enabled mobile phones.”

Interestingly, in the UK, about half of digital music was sold via mobile in 2006, although MocoNews said that there are regional differences in the mix, and the numbers are actually trending upward from there. That contrasts strongly with the U.S., where virtually no one is buying music wirelessly from their phones just yet, despite the plethora of available services such as Verizon V CAST Music, Sprint’s Music Store, the U.S. iTunes Music Store (which admittedly works only over WiFi, not AT&T), and AT&T’s separate Mobile Music service.

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