Record 800×480 Video on Nexus One Using New Qik for Android Update

So, here I am traveling this week. I decided to carry my Droid with its Verizon Wireless 3G service instead of my Nexus One. So, I won’t be able to try out the new high-resolution video recording and streaming feature Qik just gave it…

Qik for Android Updated: Capture in high resolution on Nexus One, Motorola Milestone

Qik for Android 0.1.89 lets a Nexus One record and stream video with 800×480 pixel resolution. In my opinion the Nexus One has a far better camera (lens) than the Droid. So, I’m really looking forward to testing out this new video recording/streaming resolution when I get home this weekend.

This update also allows recording video in portrait mode (taller than wider). I have no idea why anyone would want to do this. iPhone 3GS users do this all the time by accident. But, I’m not sure someone would want to do it on purpose.