Recommend A Celebrity On Twitter

I’ve ragged on celebrities on Twitter more than once on this blog, and with good reason. But here’s the thing: they’re not all bad. And in a possibly futile endeavour, I’ve set up this page to prove that.

What I’d like you to do is recommend a celebrity on Twitter that we should all follow. Now let’s get one thing crystal clear – I only want the good celebrities. Not the boring ones. Not those that only follow other celebrities. Not (and I’m stretching here) the narcissists.

And not The Jonas Brothers.

What I want is the celebrities that are fun to follow. That are interesting. Those that interact with and reply to their followers. And don’t treat them like fans.

And most importantly: I only want celebrities that write their own tweets.

I’d also like reasons. If you think we should be following this individual, then please provide us with the courtesy of an explanation. You being a huge fan isn’t really good enough for our skeptical minds. We need to know why.

So, go ahead and recommend a celebrity. Heck, recommend a few. I promise I’ll check them out, and if they look cool, I’ll give them a go. And I recommend everybody else does, too. (Remember: the unfollow is the most powerful action on Twitter.)

README: For the purposes of this article, ‘celebrity’ means a person who is famous in the ‘real world’. Not just on the internet, and not just those who make Heat! magazine. If they’re famous to you, then they qualify as a celebrity.

To get us started, here are my recommendations:

Graham Linehan (@glinner)

Graham Linehan

Graham is a writer and actor, most noted for his work on Brass Eye, Father Ted, Big Train and The IT Crowd. In my opinion, he’s arguably ‘taken’ to Twitter better than any other well-known person I’ve seen. He just gets it.

Peter Serafinowicz (@serafinowicz)

Peter Serafinowicz

Serafinowicz, a comedian and impersonator who is a regular on TV panel shows and possibly most famous for providing the voice of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace, is quite simply a hoot.

Sarah Silverman (@sarahksilverman)

Sarah Silverman

Sarah’s Twitter stream is just flat-out funny. She’s not to everybody’s tastes and a lot of the material is on the wrong end of risqué, but most of the time it’s laugh-out-loud good.

Jimmy Carr (@jimmycarr)

Jimmy Carr

Bit of a cheat putting Carr in here, really, as while he follows quite a few people on Twitter, he doesn’t actually engage with them all that much, certainly when it comes to replies. But he shares an enormous amount of himself within his timeline, often with accompanying Twitpic photographs, and seems to almost use Twitter as a testing ground for his (often very funny) material. Definitely worth a moment of your time.

You’ll notice that everybody I’ve recommended is a comedian. There is of course a clear and valid reason for that – they’re naturally funny, and that makes them interesting. I’m sure there are some non-comedian celebrities on Twitter who are worth a follow. I just haven’t found many… yet.

And that’s where you come in: which Twitter celebrities do you recommend, and why?