Receive Facebook Birthday Notifications On Android Phones

One of the most useful feature of Facebook is the birthday reminders. When you log on to the Facebook web site, any of your friend’s birthdays appear on the right side of the page under Upcoming Events. Unfortunately, if you primarily access Facebook using a smartphone app you don’t see the birthday reminders. Best Wishes is an Android app that automatically retrieves your friend’s birthdays and provides a notifications on those birthdays.

The first time that you run Best Wishes you need to connect it to your Facebook account, and it then retrieves all of your friend’s birthdays. Best Wishes displays the names of your friends with their Facebook profile pic and their birthdays in chronological order. If you tap a name, their wall is opened in the Facbook Android app, where you can post a birthday greeting.

While the birthday list is useful, the real power of Best Wishes is hidden in the app’s settings, which is where you can configure the app to display notifications to remind you of a friend’s birthday. You can even configure Best Wishes to automatically send a birthday wish and specify a time range for when it posts birthday wishes to Facebook. If your friends don’t share their birthdays on Facebook, but you know them, you can manually enter their birthdays in Best Wishes’ settings.

Best Wishes is available in a free or “lite” version and a paid version that costs $.99. The paid version adds the ability to exclude Facebook friends from the Best Wishes list, provides pre-defined birthday wishes that are chosen randomly, and provides you to the ability to specify a custom birthday wish for each of your friends.