Recap of the Julius Shulman Memorial at the Getty Center


Although famous architecture photographer Julius Shulman passed away several months ago, back in early July, there had yet to be a formal public event celebrating his life and work. Until Saturday that was. Patt Morrison of the LA Times filed this great report from this past weekend’s memorial at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. In it, she reports on who was there (everyone from Lily Tomlin to state chief justices), a nice synopsis of who spoke and what they said, and ends the piece by offering up some of her own memories of getting to know Shulman in various interviews. It’s a nice recap of what surely must have been a memorable and valuable event. Here’s a bit:

And one speaker recalled a recent event at the Arclight — that’s the Cinerama Dome to longtime Angelenos — featuring that dealt with the work of the LA Conservancy. Shulman announced, ”This book is crap.” A bit later, at the same event, LA Conservancy supporter Ben Stiller was asked to name his favorite photographer. ”Well,” he said, ”it WAS Julius Shulman.”