Rebranding Reno 911: City Befuddled by Proposed Slogan

reno in better days.jpgEverything we know about Reno we learned from The Wizard, the 1989 film that starred Fred Savage as the brother of a socially awkward video game savant: it’s “the biggest little city in the world,” awash in neon, and the perfect backdrop for a Nintendo commercial masquerading as a movie. Twenty years later, Reno’s charming old nickname has gone the way of Duck Hunt, and the city’s tourism board is looking to improve upon the tagline used since 2002: “America’s Adventure Place.” The latest proposal? “Reno: A Little West of Center.” Mayor Bob Cashell was not amused. “It embarrasses the city of Reno,” he said last week. “I don’t like that.” For others, the suggested slogan was downright confusing. According to the Associated Press, Glenn Carano, marketing director of the Silver Legacy casino in downtown Reno, said it gave him “a little heartburn,” adding, “I don’t know what it means” (the slogan, presumably, not the heartburn). Now it’s back to the drawing board to devise a new slogan for a marketing and advertising campaign slated to launch early next year.