Reboxing the Boxy: AIGA’s Attik Case Study

From time to time, you’ll recall, we’ve talked up the design/ad firm, Attik, largely about their inventive work in building Toyota‘s still relatively new brand, Scion. This time around, in the form of a case study commissioned by the AIGA, there’s the full scoop on their process of launching a campaign for 2008, which saw the first major redesign of the brand. Even if you don’t care a lick about cars, it’s a fun read in seeing a whole campaign laid out from start to finish. And there’s some quality links in there to all the stuff they made to support it.

In January 2007, the xB was completely redesigned for the first time in its four-year history. As before, Attik embraced the task of launching this updated icon. With the car that broke all the rules the first time around, the challenge became, “How do we do it again?” After all, what was unconventional in 2003 had now become a standard. A ubiquitous, ambiguous “coming soon” approach would seem pedantic and predictable at best, and an ad campaign with a traditional media buy would likely miss a large share of the target audience. Instead, Attik went straight to the audience members themselves for inspiration, moving away from a campaign that spoke at them, and toward building a movement with them…the people that truly engage with the Scion brand and share its values.

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