RebelMouse Gets A Makeover

RebelMouseI’ve written about RebelMouse here before — it’s always been a pretty useful tool for curating your various social media accounts. But it’s entering new territory now. Publishers will have the chance to not only aggregate all their content but also use the platform to increase the impact of their viral stories and become a vital part of the social conversation.
Brands and media companies alike are constantly trying the crack the Facebook algorithm code plus keep up with the ebbs and flows of various social network popularity. RebelMouse founder Paul Berry (formerly head of technology at the Huffington Post) and his team are giving pubs a place to combine all their social happenings and create original content.
“RebelMouse is now a content management and distribution platform with comprehensive blogging and original authoring tools to make your content creation process as seamless as possible,” Berry wrote on RebelMouse’s blog.
As Capital New York‘s Johana Bhuiyan wrote, this move may make it competitive with blogging and CMS platform Medium. Animal lover website The Dodo was created entirely with RebelMouse, and it has seen incredible traffic figures because of RebelMouse’s capability of linking back to social media.

RebelMouse also boasts a fresh look, complete with full-width headers and wide photos. Knowing that mobile is the present and future, it has developed a mobile-friendly navigation and layout and introduced apps.
It seems that RebelMouse is undergoing an extreme pivot, but for good reasons. It wants to be more than just an aggregator, and the company sees the opportunities available to it by opening up a CMS platform to all the publishers and brand initiatives just trying to get their word out far and fast. Can RebelMouse take the place of Medium and other portfolio sites for individual journalists, as well as large media organizations?