Rebellion Entertainment updates Evil Genius Online to help new players


Rebellion Entertainment launched Evil Genius Online on Facebook in December 2013, and since then, thousands of players have rushed to control their own underground lairs, taking control of an army of minions and completing quests in an attempt to take over the world. Over the past two weeks, the game has been featured in Facebook’s App Center, and Rebellion has made changes to improve its product.

Since launch, the game has been updated with four new minion types: guards, scientists, biochemists and technicians. These minions can be assigned to complete tasks within each player’s lair, so the more minions they have, the more they can accomplish and grow as an evil ruler.


With new content comes a need for additional rooms, so Rebellion has announced a second level will be added to players’ lairs in the near future. For now, new missions and room types have been added to the overall experience, while the new-player experience has been streamlined to help new players get up to speed faster.

Finally, the game has been rebalanced, based on player feedback, to offer a more enjoyable experience for players, while also not removing the entire feeling of challenge from the game.

Evil Genius Online is available to play for free on Facebook. It has over 46,000 monthly active users and climbing, according to our app tracking platform AppData.