Rebecca Black Joins Twitter… But Her Parody Account Has More Followers

It’s Monday, Monday, and yesterday was Sunday…and a few days before that was Friday, Friday, when 13-year-old viral video sensation Rebecca Black joined Twitter. However, Black’s official account isn’t the most popular Rebecca Black account out there – a parody account that has recently capitalized on the jaw-dropping success of “Friday, Friday” has more than double the number of followers.

The real Rebecca Black signed up for Twitter after meeting with Ryan Seacrest and getting a “crash course” from the American Idol host. Seacrest tweeted a welcome message, along with a picture of the pair hanging out this past Friday:

“It’s friday…so connected w/ @MsRebeccaBlack & got her on twitter! Just gave her a crash course”

Over the weekend, @MsRebeccaBlack accumulated about 30,000 followers – not bad for a 13-year-old singer with a viral YouTube single that has been more panned than loved.

However, @MsRebeccaBlack is outdone by her parody account, @_rebeccablack_. This account (which is known to use some rather foul language that we couldn’t imagine the real girl using) tweets some pretty mean things about the young singer, but apparently it’s all in good fun: it acknowledges itself as a parody account in its bio.

@_RebeccaBlack_ has 52,000 followers as of press time, almost double that of the real Rebecca Black’s account. We bet Rebecca Black isn’t so excited about that.