Reason TV With Drew Carey


Reason TV rolls out, thanks to Drew Carey and Reason magazine. As the big guy says

We need Reason to help fight the stupid drug laws, the stupid immigration laws, and stupid big government in general

On today’s offering, Gridlock, Carey delves into a problem aggravating nearly everyone: traffic congestion. Carey meets Josh Lipking, whose 16-mile commute should take 25 minutes. On Los Angeles’ slow-moving, jam-packed roads it takes Josh 90 minutes–each way.

Carey, who makes a living giving away great prizes, hires a helicopter to chauffeur Josh to work, showing him how easy his commute could be without that pesky traffic.

Producers are P F Bentley, Ted Balacker and Paul Feine. Which is great, but all guys? Women can be libertarians, too.