Ream Him Up, Scotty

It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it…

Sit-In-The-Corner-And-Do-As-Your-Told-Esque former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan turns in his I’m-Sick-And-Tired-And-Not-Gonna-Take-It-Anymore screed against the Bush administration and Politico’s Mike Allen was first with the excerpts (see also: write-ups by Ken Herman, Washington Post and New York TimesDrudge says “Scott the Snitch” and Karl Rove reacts…Romenesko has a great roundup of reactions…David Corn wants an apology…Flashback: Valerie Plame discusses McClellan…).

Our take: We’re sure that McClellan means what he says, but lots of Washingtonians think poorly of their successors but bite their tongue and play the role of a good soldier. So why didn’t McClellan do this? Simple: Speaking out against the Bush administration in such harsh tones is simply a smart career move by McClellan. He never became a stand-alone brand. He was never adored by the press corps. He was never adored by the Bush White House and Republicans generally (especially not now). He never developed his own schtick like Tony Snow (charming, funny, cancer survivor) or Dana Perino (hot, snippy, cute dog).

So what does this get him? Some John Dean-like street cred and the business opportunities (books, speaking engagements, consulting gigs, etc.) presented to a “reformed Republican” who possesses a rather rare quality nowadays (and one loved by the Left): A willingness to speak out against the Bush administration’s march to war.