RealNetworks: ‘Snack-Sized’ Mobile Content Will Grow


RealNetworks, which helps carriers sell ringtones, ringback tones and full-track music, believes the “continuing trend in mobile content is to provide a bite-sized or snackable content experience,” MocoNews reports, whereas the TV and PC will be the venues for longer, richer, high-definition experiences. That’s according to Analisa Roberts, RealNetwork’s senior director of market planning and analysis.

None of that is news to anyone who has been following the mobile content industry. But the report notes that the status quo is beginning to get muddled, now that mobile broadcast TV offers full length TV shows and movies, and that today’s cell phones sport ever-larger screens and storage capacities—which are perfect for sideloading media from your PC or laptop.

We approve of having more full-length programming available, however. While most folks spend less time watching their cell phone, it’s still preferable to watch part of a real show—especially if you can resume it later—than it is to watch recycled clips of extreme sports content (which was practically the entire original business model of a certain failed MVNO).