Really?! Women Get Fired Via Facebook Page

fb logoAbout six months ago we brought you the story about a worker getting fired via text message.
Well, we now hear that women in New Zealand were fired on their fast food store’s private Facebook page. What is this world (and in this case, management) coming to? Seriously.
As per AOL Jobs, 20 year-old Taryne Cullen worked for a franchise called Pita Pit for a year. When she returned to work after having knee surgery, Cullen noticed her name was missing from the work roster. Keep in mind the shop had new management by the time she returned.
Cullen inquired by asking the owners and apparently on the Facebook page she was told, “You don’t have a job anymore.”
She told The Dominion Post, “I felt brushed aside, like I was no one.”
Cullen wasn’t alone, unfortunately. Another worker, Brooke Adams, indicated she was given one day’s notice after her 18-month tenure at the company. This was spurred by noticing her name wasn’t on the work roster either.
And yet a third employee encountered a similar situation having worked there for three years. The anonymous woman contacted the owners to inquire about her missing name and just like that, they instructed her to return her uniform.
So not cool, management. So not cool.
But wait — it gets better. The newspaper contacted owner Wayne Cui and he admitted he could have done better and was new to running the store. Oh yeah, he noted the “door is always open” if the three former employees “want to talk to us.”