Really?! Please Don’t Try These Three Wacky Job Seeking Tips

job searchLet’s have some fun on a Friday afternoon, shall we?

When we read about these all-time bad job searching tips we simply had to chuckle.

The round-up is courtesy of our friends at TheWeek. Granted, they’re innovative ideas — we’ll give them that.

1. Send a shoe! That’s right, we said a shoe. If you want to get a foot in the door, that’s not how you do it. Apparently GuerillaJobHunting would say otherwise. They recommended putting one shoe in a box with a card to a potential employer.

Um, no.

2. Call your recruiter at home. suggested calling a recruiter at home because hey, they have probably called you at home, too!

The piece recommended: “Be prepared to deliver a flawless introduction or voicemail and, if need be, follow up with that Starbucks card sent to their home.” Let’s not and say we did.

3. Explain that you’re overqualified for the job. Go on, come right out and say it! After all, JobDig said you should point out reasons why you deserve an interview and while you’re at it, recommend the opportunity gets supersized.

No comment.