‘D-List’ Publicist Gina Rodriguez Is Ready for Her Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

Back in March we brought you the incredibly important news that Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil was shopping for a publicist to extend her 1.5 minutes of fame/shame to the usual 15.

Based on this week’s VICE profile, we are not in the least bit surprised to learn that GR Media founder Gina Rodriguez was the one and only rep for her.

The mag calls her “The D-List Diva”, and a brief scan of her non-“Tan Mom” clients backs that claim up:

  • Michael “Blame Me for Lindsay” Lohan
  • Sidney “I Saw Weiner” Leathers
  • Pretty much everyone from the Real Housewives empire

You get the picture, but she doesn’t just adopt stray animals. Her backstory is kind of fascinating.

She got into adult cinema after marrying a porn star (her third husband), then founded a management company to help other stars escape and transcend the industry. But everything changed when she witnessed the Tiger Woods fiasco:

“I would see the mistresses come out. They’d do the interviews, and then you’d never hear from them. I thought, I’m surprised they can’t be marketed more.”

A+B=C, so she called and signed mistress Joslyn James—who she knew from porn—and “within several months, she was managing 37 former mistresses.”

While one of her first services to any new client is to score them a starring role in an X-rated movie, Rodriguez says that she limits said stardom to one flick from which they can collect royalties, because “If anything, I’d rather them not be in that business”. And she didn’t think she could do much with “Tan Mom” until she discovered that Krentcil was an accidental comedian.

What’s the secret to her success, you ask? She keeps an incredibly tight-knit circle. She only hires family members to work at her company, and she serves as a “mother hen” to her clients: she played mediator to Michael and Dina Lohan, and she sends clients with drug problems (pretty much all of them) to the rehab facility where Lindsay’s dad works. The snake eats its tail, everything is connected, etc.

Here’s the part you totally didn’t see coming: Rodriguez will soon star in a reality show of her own. A quote from her producer explains it all:

“You can’t forget about these people. We’d like to, but Gina makes sure we don’t.”

But she’d rather you not call her a publicist, because the “celebrity manager” title is far more accurate.

Some in the real PR industry will probably question the wisdom of media outlets like VICE, Jezebel and our little blog giving Rodriguez even more attention. But she’s certainly good at getting it, isn’t she?

(Photo from her Facebook page)

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