Reality TV May Have Saved Taylor Armstrong’s Life

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been taking some heat since Russell Armstrong, who appeared on the show, committed suicide. But his estranged wife Taylor says participation in the series helped to protect her from her abusive spouse.

In an appearance on KTLA Morning News, Taylor said:

I was in an abusive relationship for six years… if the cameras were not in my life, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be sitting here today. Because a lot of domestic violence situations end in murder-suicide, versus just suicide. And so, I have my daughter with me today, and by the grace of god and, perhaps, reality TV, I’m sitting here and so is she.

She’s right. Abusive husbands or spouses who commit suicide often murder their wives, girlfriends, and even children prior to the act. Furthermore, abusers are less likely to attack their wives or girlfriends when there are witnesses present, and that certainly includes camera crews.

While it is impossible to say how much Taylor’s increased public profile protected her, the possibility that it may have protected her should certainly be a consideration in the debate surrounding the ethics of allowing emotionally unstable individuals to participate in reality television.


Photo of Taylor Armstrong via Entertainment Tonight