Reality TV Can Teach You How To Engage On Facebook!

Guest writer Adele Cehrs identifies some important rules for engaging your audience without overwhelming them -- inspired by reality TV shows.

Are you looking to justify all those hours you spent watching reality television shows? Well, they’re about creating conversations, and as such they can teach you a lot about how to engage with people on Facebook!

We’ve identified some important rules when it comes to engaging your audience without overwhelming them — inspired by our favorite reality TV shows.

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Stop shameless self-promoting. Consumers want to hear about what relates to them, not you, so don’t sell constantly – it feels inauthentic.

American Idol: Let the consumers choose! People love to vote. Engage your audience with polls and surveys to make them feel like their vote matters.

The Bachelor: Don’t be the desperate girl. Do not post non-stop. It’s the social media equivalent of calling your significant other 20 times in a row.

Real Housewives: Ditch the drama. Are negative, defamatory posts taking over your page? Take control of the conversation and keep it open but positive.

Teen Mom: Be honest. Hate them or love them, the teens on this show are honest and transparent.

Jersey Shore: Extend your 15 minutes of fame. Just like the stars of this show won’t let Americans forget about them, don’t let your fans forget about you! Stay relevant and don’t disappear.

Top Chef: A little competition never hurt anyone. Everyone loves the thrill of winning, so engage audiences with trivia questions and contests! When people win, they tell their friends.

What do you think about these suggestions?

Guest writer Adele Cehrs is president of Epic P.R. Group.