Reality TV, Brands and—Oh No, Here Comes That Word—Synergy

Anyone who has attended a business meeting in the past decade has witnessed the word synergy being passed around the conference table like a collection basket at church. People just throw money at it. It’s one of those buzzwords that professionals rely on to sound informed, enlightened and compelling. It is also a word that represents a lucrative business strategy.

The savvy public is familiar with product placements and the idea of bundling multiple business resources and advertising assets to achieve a collective gravitational pull that people can’t resist. And that is exactly what Walgreens, the “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” Penn Jillet, Trace Adkins, Donald Trump and other business partners and celebrities are relying on to promote their causes: synergy.

And, if one is to go by social media chatter, it appears to be working. The collective sum of these disparate parts has the public going to Walgreens and testing which flavor they prefer, Jillet’s “Magic Swurtle” or Adkins’ “Maple Macadamia Mash Up.” Though the public may grow weary of contrived “reality” TV shows and stars such as Gary Busey (seriously though, how can you not watch that guy), it never seems to tire of charity and the way helping others makes people feel. And that’s a good thing.

Anyone out there try one of these ice cream flavors? Which do you prefer?