Real Weddings, Real Crashes–NBC Subverts All That’s Holy for Dubious Entertainment

NBC has ordered six episodes of a new reality series called The Real Wedding Crashers. Improv actors go undercover at real weddings to bring what the press release calls

surprises, pranks and sometimes touching elements to the event.

Great–so now all the guests at the reception will be eyeing each other–not for post-party hook-ups, but wondering who’s wearing the ELMO.

On the bright side–any unseemly activity can be blamed, not on poor cousin Glenda and her drug problems, but rather on reality TV. Best man throws up on bridesmaid’s dyed-to-match pumps–Real Wedding Crasher! Bride’s knocked up–Real Wedding Crasher! Mother of the bride chews Skoal–Real Wedding Crasher!

Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg, and Karey Burke from Katalyst will executive produce. NBC has given no indication when or if the show will actually appear on the schedule.

Taking a sacred religious ritual and turning it into a laff riot would indicate that NBC is pretty much devoid of purpose. How about replacing the real minister/priest/rabbi with some guy from the Comedy Store? Why stop at the wedding? How about amateur mohels go undercover at the briss? And funerals–everybody dies, right? Death’s a growth industry! Coming up next–Real Funeral Crashers!