Facebook Quietly Updates Insights to Show Real-Time Data on Page Posts, Bugs Appear

Facebook quietly updated its Insights analytics tool last night, making changes to what data is displayed about user engagement on posts made to Facebook Pages. Or so it seems.

The change appears to still be going live, and there’s not yet any official announcement about what’s new. So, we’re checking with Facebook for more details, and here’s what we’re seeing now.

First, Insights data about posts on Pages is now starting to appear in real-time, whereas previously it could take hours before the data would appear.

Second, the data available on Posts looks to have increased from just impressions and percentage feedback to also include click-through rates and Likes, as you can see in the image above. Note that CTR and Likes had previously appeared in Facebook’s Page documentation, but had not been pushed live until now.

Third, the impressions data currently visible also appears to be inaccurate. Some have speculated that Facebook went from showing total impressions to unique impressions for each post. However, from speaking with various Page administrators and service providers, our understanding is that the data visible is simply not accurate. We expect a bug fix will soon resolve the problem.

We’ll be updating this post with more information as it emerges.

[Hat tips to Amit Lavi, BrandGlue, and the Social Marketers group on Facebook. Image with permission, from Kelly Orange of Specialty Produce via Mari Smith.]

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