Real Racing iPhone 4 Gyro & Retina Display Support Makes Game Play Difference

Real Racing on iPhone 4 optimized for Retina Display

Real Racing on iPhone 3G
I spent the last week looking for apps that took advantage of the iPhone 4’s gyroscope and Retina Display. ngmoco’s 99 cent Eliminate:GunRange supports these two new hardware features. But, it didn’t appeal to me. Then, I noticed Firemint updated its racing game to support these two features. I had been thinking about buying a racing game. So, I spent my $4.99 on it.
Real Racing 1.23 ($4.99 in iTunes App Store)
You can see the graphical differences right away. The iPhone 4 display doesn’t have the aliased jaggedness and chunkiness seen when running the same game on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. You can even see this difference in the resized screens shots from an iPhone 4 and 3G above.
“Driving” on the iPhone 4 seemed much smoother than on a 3G. But, it is not apparent if this is due to having a gyroscope on the 4 or if the improved visuals makes it easier to see ahead and anticipate turns easier. Regradless of whether the Retina Display or the gryoscope is the reason for perceived improved gameplay, Real Racing is a lot of fun to play on the iPhone 4 and a definite keeper.