New Content Creation Tool Integrates Email and Social Media

The tool posts email messages to Facebook and Twitter automatically or on a scheduled basis.

Have you ever wished you could create content for an email message and post it automatically across several social platforms? Well, now you can.

Integrated communications company, Real Magnet, recently announced the release of a new application that lets users grab discreet pieces of content within their email messages — fully optimized for social media — and post across multiple networks either automatically or according to a schedule, as is commonly seen in Twitter Card technology.

“Our customers now have a seamless way to create email content that can be immediately published as a specific article on Facebook or Twitter. These posts are platform optimized, so they look great in the email message as well as being optimized for each social media channel,” said Real Magnet social product manager Michael Al-Megdad in a statement.

Marketers can also determine the most effective channels for promoting and distributing their content, and track posts individually. “This simplified approach allows marketers to reach recipients, fans or followers on the channel they prefer by doing what they already do – creating content for an email message.”

The company also offers a tracking app for iPhone that provides analytics based on email recipient responses, demographics information and social messaging.