Real Madrid Scores 3rd Place In Facebook Engagement

Facebook users have rallied around Real Madrid C.F. in support of the team's important match this past weekend. But even the most popular sports team in Europe still can't keep up with the likes and comments that posts on religious pages enjoy.

Real Madrid C.F’s interactivity total leads the team to take huge offensive strides forward. But even the most popular sports team in Europe still can’t keep up with the likes and comments that posts on religious pages enjoy.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,436,7393,419,976
2. Dios Es Bueno4,745,7941,715,960
3. Real Madrid C.F.21,709,5711,242,497
4. Mario Teguh5,101,1161,226,950
5. Justin Bieber37,805,4301,024,089
6. The Bible8,360,207822,354
7. Metallica21,889,696738,170
8. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,677,711723,278
9. We are Khaled Said1,765,438568,320
10. Manchester United20,489,725512,229
11. MTV Roadies3,319,325503,262
12. Taylor Swift26,758,080472,126
13. Renuevo de Plenitud2,512,280424,853
14. ILoveAllaah.com6,602,595406,096
15. Lady Gaga45,305,655394,599
16. Jesus Christ3,258,594388,910
17. Terima Kasih Ibu2,873,979344,938
18. FC Barcelona22,785,160332,344
19. Iker Casillas3,528,446311,163
20. Angry Birds10,038,519296,320


Jesus Daily continues to show all other Facebook pages how to engage fans, this week collecting over 3.4 million likes and comments. The second most engaging page, Dios Es Bueno, has about half as many interactions over the past seven days.

The Bible moves down two spots to sixth position, with 822,354 likes and comments. Joyce Meyer Ministries has 723,278 interactions, to finish in eighth place. Renuevo de Plenitud ends in 13th with 424,853. ends four places lower than it did last week, coming in 14th with 406,096 interactions. Hanging onto the 16th spot, Jesus Christ tallies 388,910 likes and comments.


Facebook users rally around Real Madrid in support of the team’s important match this past weekend; over 1.2 million likes and comments advance the team four positions forward to third. The team’s goaltender Iker Casillas persuades his audience by posting regular picture updates, and 311,163 likes and comments on his page put him on the engagement list for the first time this week, in 19th place.

Manchester United rallies after 512,229 likes and comments give the team a two place advantage from their previous week ranking, to finish in 10th this week. And while FC Barcelona had a tough week no the field, the team succeexed in page engagement, coming in 18th this week with 332,344 likes and comments.


Indonesian motivational speaker Mario Teguh drops one spot from last week, finishing in fourth with over 1.2 likes and comments. Returning to the list, We are Khaled Said ranks ninth with 568,320 likes and comments.

“MTV Roadies” attracts 503,262 likes and comments this week for an 11th place finish. Terima Kasih Ibu returns to the list in 17th place, with 344,938 interactions.


His Black Friday commercial has the masses laughing, and it plays a part in Justin Bieber enticing 1,024,089 interactions, finishing in fifth place for the second week in a row. Metallica has been posting old photographs, and that attracted 738,170 likes and comments, for a seventh-place finish.

Ending her world tour, Taylor Swift is selling discounted merchandise and reflecting on Facebook; she amasses 472,126 interactions, for a 12th place return to the list. A surprise Christmas music release, puts Lady Gaga in 15th place this week with 394,599 likes and comments.


A very popular game played off of Facebook got enough engagement on its page this week to rank 20th on the list: Angry Birds has 296,320 interactions this week.

Readers, did you find yourself partaking in any of the discussions on the week’s most engaging pages?

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