Real Food Media Project Seeks Films About Sustainable Food

Contest highlights local food and farmers

To spread the word about the need for global sustainable food sources, the Real Food Media Project is calling on digital filmmakers to help spread the message.

The initiative is holding the second annual Real Food Media Contest, a short film documentary and animated feature competition. All submissions must be between 30 seconds and four minutes and tell a story about ethically-sourced food or local farmers that support the sustainable food movement. In addition, the videos must be tailored for Web viewing.

"We wanted these to be stories that audiences could watch easily on their computer screens or a screening," said project director Anna Lappe.

Judging this year's project will be noted food experts like chef Tom Colicchio, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser and James Beard Foundation president Susan Ungaro.

"I thought the goals of uncovering the issues, finding solutions, and discovering young or unknown talent were very worthy," Lakshmi said. "I also wanted to encourage young filmmakers to do something meaningful, as well as artistic, with their talents and interests. These films bring to light some dire facts, but also give us hope that we can fix things if we act fast enough. I found them quite moving and profound."

The contest winner will get $5,000 and the chance get a film distributed through Real Food Media's partners. The organization, meanwhile, seeks to unearth new talent and garner publicity via stories that can act as ready-made PSAs for the worthy cause. The competition is accepting entries until Jan. 5. 

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