Real Estate Industry Replacing Cold Calls With Tweets

As social media becomes increasingly important for businesses to reach consumers, digital networking is beginning to replace more time-honored communications tactics.

Real estate in particular is a field that thrives on connectivity – and where better to nurture connections than on Twitter and other social networks?

According to the Wall Street Journal, top commercial real estate firms are recognizing this necessity and starting to beef up activity on Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Plus, brokers are even doing deals thanks to leads generated by the sites.

That’s a vast improvement over just a few years ago, when the old guard at major firms didn’t even understand how to use social media.

Today, CBRE Group Inc. leads the Twitter pack among major firms with more than 26,000 followers. Jones Lang LaSalle is second with 16,048 and has a four-person social-media team that also manages accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Why is sending a tweet better than making a cold call? You’re able to target and pre-screen potential clients, for one thing. Plus, tweets are essentially free advertising, whereas a cold call can easily go unanswered or even blocked.

In addition, Twitter users are anticipating, even expecting, to be reached out to by other Twitter users, whereas the recipient of a cold call by definition is not.

Whether or not you work in an industry that’s starting to shift traditional communication onto social networks, do you think that’s a good idea? Pros/cons?

(Real estate image from Shutterstock)