RCP Implements Dual Publicity Strategy

Perception is everything, right? And lately, Real Clear Politics has been trying something new.

As Washington Editor Carl Cannon sends out his sometimes sleep-inducing morning history lessons, a regular publicist named Christina Paulos is now sending out an exact replica of the news outlet’s original news content minus the nod to history buffs. Hey, we get that some readers may want relatively long reads on the minutia of how and when Jackie Robinson made his debut at Fenway Park (this included multiple days worth of Robinson coverage), when Abraham Lincoln took a bullet, when the Titanic sank and the origins of the song, “This Land is Your Land.”

But unlike Cannon’s, RCP‘s original content morning email from Paulos, whose official title is “Marketing and Communications Coordinator,” is… straightforward, doesn’t meander and simply lists and briefs the stories on the site. “Just additional attention to the original content,” explained Paulos when we phoned her for comment. “We’ve come to realize that not a lot of people know us for original content. People generally know us as an aggregator.”

Paulos explained that Cannon’s email is geared toward a different audience — to readers who enjoy the history. She says her note is directed toward bookers and reporters.