Real Birds Tweet From Food-Covered Keyboard

Twitter is for the birds some days, isn’t it?

One magazine in Latvia thinks it’s ‘for the birds’ every day. They feel the lack of real birds on Twitter is a bird injustice actually – and they’re correcting it, one weird bird-pecked tweet at a time.

A Latvian magazine game up with a cool (and weird) concept – figuring out a way for actual birds to tweet.

Everyone has the right to be heard – that is the main principle of Ir, weekly magazine from Latvia.

That´s why we have fixed the biggest internet injustice of all times and gave Twitter back to original twitterers, the birds!

How are they doing this? Well, we didn’t want to say “real birds tweet from FAT-covered keyboard” because that sounds really disgusting, but that’s what is happening. Here’s the “fatboard” they tweet from:


Birds are attracted to the keyboard and when they peck on the keys, they tweet all kinds of nonsense – for the @hungry_birds 5,000+ followers.


You can follow the tweets and you can also watch the @hungry_birds in action from the live-stream on the website. Or check out the video below.

If you come across something weirder than this (Twitter-wise only please) or just out of the ordinary, let us know!

(Bird on keyboard image from Shutterstock)