Ready Your Lecterns, The Poster Men Cometh!


First off, did you notice that the AIGA site just got a nice re-design? When did that happen? Must’ve been in the last couple of days because we check in fairly regularly. Looks really great. That re-design bug must be in the air. The reason we bring them up is because we ran across an event at their San Francisco chapter that, if you live anywhere near by, you’d be absurd to pass up. Dan and Mike at Aesthetic Apparatus, who this writer got the pleasure of hanging out with a couple of weeks back in making this video, and Jason Munn of The Small Stakes, all of whom are uber cool design masters, are appearing together as part of the 16th Annual Design Lecture Series. The whole thing goes down on Thursday the 22nd at the Morgan Auditorium, 491 Post Street, at 7:30. More details on the site.