Ready When You Are, CB–Your Big Break via Craigslist

This whole amateur content thing is really catching on! Craigslist, our personal window into the zeitgeist, has this ad:


I am producing a new series for The Travel Channel, a part of Discovery Networks. It is based on VCC, or Viewer Contributed Content. If you have a video camera at home and editing software, I will pay you up to $1000 for 3-5 minute videos stories about you and your travels. Just about any kind of story will do, so long as it is travel related and compelling to watch. I am looking for creativity, originality, new voices and new ideas. There was a time when television production was in the hands of a select few. Now, your voice and your creative and filmmaking abilities can be seen and heard. If you have what it takes to break out of old ways of thinking and uses of video, this could be your big break.

FBLA thinks TV should be back in the hands of a select few. A very select few. No, fewer than that.