Ready For The Office Holiday Party?

champagne glasses party
flickr: nImAdestiny

If you’re lucky enough to have a media job this season, you still have to go through the dreaded-for-some ritual of the holiday party. blithely posted an article recently talking about ways to save the annual party, forgetting to note that some people are really not psyched about standing around trying to have fun with their boss, and worrying if they’re drinking too much or if their coworker is hitting on somebody else’s wife.

Yours truly has been to just a few holiday parties in her short career. Some have been amazing (fun people, food and drink, good times) and some have been truly awkward (a non-anonymous secret santa gift exchange in which the boss included herself as a gift recipient—so woe to you if you chose the boss’s name and didn’t get something AMAZING).

If you’re a fan of the party, great. Go, have a good time and a few (a FEW!) drinks, and don’t do anything you’ll regret the next day. If you’re not a fan, we like this Ask A Manager post: skip it if you can, put in an appearance if you can’t, make sure to say hi to the boss, yadda yadda yadda. And this is brilliant: drink things in small glasses so you have an excuse to get out of any awkward conversation.

Last, this is rumored to be Miss Manners’s view on office parties:

“The ideal office party starts before lunch, with an invitation issued by the boss.
The exact wording of this invitation should be: ‘Why don’t you take the rest of the day off?'”

Tell us in the comments about your office party horror stories.