Read:OutLoud Helps Disabled People Use eReaders


Don Johnston, a company that makes technology for students with disabilities, just released an eReading tool. The software called Read:OutLoud University Edition, does just that. It is has a text-to-speech tool, that will read eBooks aloud to users.

Read:OutLoud reads various eBook formats including PDF, RTF, TXT, XML and HTML files, as well as open-source content and Bookshare files. It also has study tools, such as highlighters, bookmarks and direct links to Google’s online dictionary.

This might just be what Amazon needs. Last month, the Board of Education and the Department of Justice critiqued the Kindle DX in an open letter, claiming that by having them in the classroom, it might violate the “Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990” and Section 504 of the “Rehabilitation Act of 1973.”