ReadMedia Launches PressWiki

Software makers readMedia have officially launched PressWiki, a “free, open-source media database that anyone can edit.” To start, readMedia has loaded 50,000 sources from its own database, including reporters, editors, and media outlets. Most of information now consists of basic contact details, but they’re hoping that PR pros and others will go in to add and update information.

“Just like Wikipedia, PressWiki’s usefulness will hinge on the quality of contributions from the community,” reads the readMedia site.

As for why the company has launched this site, it says that some PR tools charge so much it puts smaller organizations at a disadvantage.

It’ll be curious to see the amount of contribution to the wiki. A lot of companies have wikis that quickly grow outdated because no one has the time for upkeep. With so many busy schedules and other resources, some of them free as well, this may be too much work.