Reading (?) the Post

Rest assured all you online readers of out there. You do still actually read the newspaper. From yesterday’s chat with Rajiv Chandrasekaran, AME for continuous news:

Question: “This comes from a flirty little debate I had with a Post reporter at a party a week and a half ago. If I rarely pick up the print edition of the paper but have checked at least once or twice a day for probably six or seven years, can I still say I read ‘The Post’ every day?”

Chandrasekaran: “Sure you can. There are some days when I read the paper entirely online and I still say that I read The Post every day. But hey, buy a dead-tree copy now and then. We could use the help in propping up circulation. Sure, we make money off of the ads on the Web site, but we still ink-on-paper readers to make ends meet!”

At least the Post still sells some newspapers, and hasn’t resorted to giving its paper away, as the Washington Times appears to be doing these days in greater numbers. Most of this week there’s been a friendly hawker at our Woodley Park Metro stop. On the other hand, it would be nice if advertisers here would sponsor giving away the Post, like they do up in New York.