Reading on iPad: An Editorial

I’ve spent the last few days playing with my iPad, trying to figure out how it fits into my life. Obviously, my beat is eBooks, so I’m thinking hard about how iPad functions as an eReader. Overall, it works really well–you can read books from lots of stores in lots of formats, and the display is absolutely beautiful.

I’ll admit though that it’s not as cozy as my Kindle. When I’m reading at home in bed, I’ll stick with my E-Ink.

But I’m going on a trip this week, and my iPad is coming along and my Kindle is staying home, simply because I can bring a lot more stuff to read on my iPad, from iBooks to Kindle books to PDF galleys on the Goodreader app. Plus I’ve got my music, games and the Internet.

I will, however, still need my netbook. I’m writing this post in Pages on the onscreen keyboard, and it’s a hassle. iPad is not great for typing. Apple needs to work on that. For now, eBookNewser will still be coming to you from something with a real keyboard.