Afternoon Reading List 10.7.13

Rand Paul grilled on “Meet The Press”: HuffPost’s Katherine Fung posted a piece on Sen. Rand Paul‘s appearance on Sunday’s “MTP.” The appearance wasn’t pretty. NBC “TODAY Show” host Savannah Guthrie grilled Paul over candid remarks he had made over a hot mic regarding the government shutdown. Paul held his own, but Guthrie was out for blood and she declined every available opportunity to lob the senator a softball.

Why you should read/watch it: You really want to see the ‘I Want To Destroy You’ grin that’s painted on Guthrie’s face as she relentlessly throws jabs at Paul. Read/watch more here.

Fox News host doesn’t understand parody: Yahoo! News blogger Eric Pfeiffer caught Fox News’ host Anna Kooiman when she accidentally tried to pass off a tidbit of information from a fake news story (found on a satirical website) on Saturday. The fake news post was written by Paul Horner and it claimed that “Obama had offered to keep the International Museum of Muslim Cultures open with cash from his own pocket.” The claim was designed to entertain using sarcasm, not confirm right-wing conspiracy theories from 2008.

Why you should read it: It really feels like the research team at Fox News just compiles Google search results of zany word combinations, like ‘Is Obama even a little Muslim?’ and ‘Totally, super serious stories about Islam and Obama,’ and ‘What’s the actual definition of sarcasm?’ Read more here.

Check out the political attack ad aimed at Democrats and the media after the jump…

Senate Republicans launch attack ad: This morning, the Free Beacon’s staff posted the NRSC’s response to the left’s “hyperbolic rhetoric” and  “over-the-top anti-Republican” coverage throughout most media outlets to describe the government shutdown debate. The ad dons the Democratic Party with a clever new nickname, which is “The Coalition of the Wild Eyed,” and uses soundbites from Chris Matthews, Sen. Maj. Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), CNN’s Dana Bashand left-leaning radio host Stephanie Miller to illustrate the intensity of anti-right sentiments in the media.

Why you should read it:  The advertisement was a response to Democrats and the “liberal media” for their reporting on the government shutdown. Who knows, the ad may be in response to a story recently published by you. Read more here.

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