Afternoon Reading List 10.01.13

Hill-dawg miniseries scrapped by NBC: According to The Hill’s Rebecca Shabad, NBC’s plans to air a Hillary Clinton miniseries starring Diane Lane were tossed out due to Republican pressure to stay off the topic before the 2016 election time frame. Hillary’s camp also reportedly opposed the idea, as they’ve always been aggressively protective of her image.

Why you should read it: Whether you love or hate Hill-dawg, NBC went ahead and decided for you whether you will ever see this miniseries. Read more here. The NYT also tackled this story. No doubt Clinton Land is in a state of bliss.

Larry King is BACK!: Well sort of. According to Marc Tracy of TNR, Larry King will be covering for Keith Olbermann on ESPN this week from Wednesday to Friday. In an interview with Tracy, King reveals his favorite baseball teams, his dream world series, and his early days in radio.

Why you should read it: Even though the government has all but shut down, that doesn’t mean ESPN will have crummy coverage. Check out the entire interview to catch up on what King is up to. Read more here.

More on the government shutdown…

Who does Joe Scarborough blame for the government shutdown?:  In a HuffPost story posted today, Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” points a finger of blame at the House GOP for their “stupid strategy” in trying to defund Obamacare. He calls the Republican strategy “stupid,” and Obama “isolated,” stating that both deserve the blame for what’s happened.

Why you should read it: Check out Scarborough’s comments and see if you think he deserves a nomination for the “Captain Obvious: 2013” annual award.