Afternoon Reading List 10.15.13

BuzzFeed hires from Free Beacon: Dylan Byers reported Mond in Politico that the left leaning Buzzfeed would be hiring Katherine Miller from the right leaning Free Beacon to work as a deputy political editor to serve under McKay CoppinsWhen asked about the hire Coppins said, “Our basic approach is to hire talented, fair-minded people who are doing great, smart, compelling work wherever they are.”

Why you should read it: Let your heart be your guide! Just because you work at RedAlert or The Blaze doesn’t mean you can’t apply to work at HuffPost or MotherJones. Believe in yourself! Read more here.

Random PBS viewer helps homeless woman: According to Cat Wise of PBS’ “The Rundown,” Dior Hall, a homeless woman in San Francisco, received a random leg up from an anonymous donor who saw a previous story about her on NewsHour last Wednesday and paid for her first month’s rent. Hall had been stepped over for government subsidized housing after the government shutdown began.

Why you should read it: KQED radio reporters Wise and Mina Kim had no idea their story was going to directly impact those they were reporting on. Think about that the next time you write. Read more here.

Who suggested the need for a new political party? Follow the jump for more…

A third conservative party?: According to Tony Lee of Breitbart, Sean Hannity said on his own radio show that it may be time for a third conservative party. Hannity isn’t too thrilled with what the Republicans have been doing as of late. He feels they’ve been undermining conservative ideals and abandoning their promises to repeal Obamacare.

Why you should read it: When ‘The Hannity Party’ starts selecting its leadership, it’ll be first come first serve for positions. Don’t get left behind! The Hannity train is chuggin’ along towards freedom, baby! Choo-choo! Read more here.

Megyn Kelly wins the ratings: Jack Mirkinson of HuffPost posted a story this morning that confirmed the Nielsen Company’s ratings of Megyn Kelly’s new primetime Fox News show from this past Tuesday, showing that it doubled the initial ratings of her premiere from the previous Monday. The news of Kelly’s ratings spike came to the chagrin of Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, who requested an investigation into the ratings jump that soared above Rachel Maddow’s show airing at the same time. He claimed in a briefing reported by our sister site TVNewser that the jump was “impossible.”

Why you should read it: Nothing is impossible. Kelly proved that airing your premiere news show during Monday Night Football might hold back viewers, but Tuesday night is a whole new ball game. Read more here.

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