Afternoon Reading List 10.03.13

Call 1-800-F**KYO for healthcare: Katie McHugh of The Daily Caller noticed something about the letters it takes to call the Health and Human Services department to sign up for Obamacare.  The numbers on the phone for Obamacare’s national hotline are are 1-800-3(F)-1- 8(U)- 2(C)- 5(K)- 9(Y)- 6(O). It’s missing a U at the end and has a 1 crammed into the beginning, but aside from that, its totally offensive (almost).

Why you should read it: Subliminal advertising is everywhere, man! Just open your eyes. The government’s trying to control you! Read here.

O’Reilly gets schooled: According to BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski, Fox News’ Washington correspondent James Rosen pretty much packed up Bill O’Reilly’s lunch and fed it to him in his latest appearance on O’Reilly’s show. After saying, “I’m just going to traffic in facts with you for a moment here,” he proceeded to hammer the host in the brain with facts.

Why you should read it: It’s pretty good for a laugh, even if the laugh comes from the look on O’Reilly’s face as Rosen spoon feeds him facts about the government. Read/Watch here.

Is there a mountain lion roaming around SE D.C.? Jump for more…

By the way, there might be a mountain lion loose in D.C. Maybe: WaPo’s Clarence Williams reported that last night at around 7:52 p.m., Mayor Vincent Gray’s Office of Neighborhood Engagement tweeted, “DANGER — PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT MOUNTAIN LION SPOTTED 3600 BLOCK OF HIGHWOOD DR SE.”

Why you should read it: When you’re maybe getting eaten by a mountain lion later today, you can either say “Well, I should’ve read that story” or “Man, reading that story really didn’t save me from that possible mountain lion.” Read more.